“Somewhere my stereo’s blaring. Turn up my favorite song”


Somewhere my stereo’s blarin
Turn up my favorite song
Outside my neighbors are yelling
They want me to turn it down
But I won’t turn it down (Oww)

From the moment I met you
I knew we would have some fun
Standin with your suitcase
Starin up into the sun
You were mesmerized

And if you wanna know me
Oh maybe I’ll give you a chance
But I’m a little nervous
So for now, let’s just dance

Playin in a concrete jungle
Dyin to shoot the moon
If this is the way you grew up
Don’t let it end too soon
No not too soon

Let’s drop everything and
Head down to Mexico
I hear people there are happy
But how would we ever know
If we don’t go

And if I ever hurt you
I apologize in advance
But it’s bound to happen
Still why worry now
Instead let’s just dance

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Let’s Just Dance

Title : Let's Just Dance
Release Date : February 18, 2018
Format : Digital Download