“When I die I hope they carry my body down to the shore and wave goodbye and say farewell”


All my life I’ve wanted to
Reach out and touch someone
Reach out and hold someone like you
Someone who knew
How to find
A better view

In the morning when the
Sun comes through the window
And splashes down upon your face
I say grace
I give thanks
For everything

Y’know they never asked me
Y’know they never asked me why
Y’know they never were too
Y’know they never were too kind
So I said goodbye
And left to find
My better side

When I die I hope they
Carry my body down
Carry my body to the shore
And let it go
And wave goodbye
And say farewell

I won’t mind if every
body forgets about me
Forgets about me when I’m gone
It won’t be wrong
It won’t be long
It won’t be wrong

Maybe I’ll see you
Or maybe I’ll see you
In another life
When we’re fireflies
And we’ll just fly
On through the night
Never say goodbye
So goodbye

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Title : Goodbye
Release Date : February 18, 2018
Format : Digital Download